R e s i d e n t i a l
Millbank place
Multi-Family Residential & Commercial Complex
Northampton, MA
Twelve apartments span the upper two levels of this vibrant mixed-use complex, located at the southern edge of downtown. The building features views overlooking an active streetscape on one side in culturally progressive Northampton, and a generally wooded and residential area on the other. The wood-framed condominium structure was designed to fit in with the adjacent multi-story residential- and business-zoned neighborhood. It also features grade level commercial and retail spaces.
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West Hatfield Residence
     Single-Family Home
South Hadley Residence
     Single-Family Home
New Hampshire Residence
     Lakeside Vacation Home
Northampton Residence
     Single-Family Home
Worthington Residence
     Single-Family Home
Easthampton Residence
     Pergola Addition
Millbank Place
     Multi-Family Residential & Commercial Complex
Millbank II
     Residential Condominuims